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Analytics Introduction, 3 Keys points

The King of a faraway kingdom decided to change the laws introducing the divorce. After 5 years from the law introduction he gathered the Black Knight and the White Knight and told them: -You, Black Knight, have to go from house to house and count the number of divorces happened during this years. Instead you, … Read moreAnalytics Introduction, 3 Keys points

What are the best selling drugs in Italy?

The Italian Ministry of Health published a dataset on the most distributed * drugs through drugstores (here you can find the dataset). In methodological terms I have aggregated all the drugs with the same starting word E.g. All kind of “Tachipirina” packs (most sold paracetamol drug in Italy) are grouped in a single variable, regardless of whether … Read moreWhat are the best selling drugs in Italy?

A/B Testing explained to the Nerd who wants to pick up on Tinder

You just bought the ultimate fragrance, your abs are not perfectly sculpted, the beard is perfect, but the only match you get on Tinder Is with the fake profile made by your mate. You start thinking that you have a problem. Your “pick up strategy” is not working, obviously. You decide to rely on your … Read moreA/B Testing explained to the Nerd who wants to pick up on Tinder

PCA part.2 for unlucky boyfriend/husband

PCA Second Chapter I do not know if my explanation on PCA was clear, I do not think so. I will retry. PCA is a very common technique used in Machine Learning and represents the Principal Component Analysis. Imagine, for some unlucky reasons, you HAVE TO make a present to your girlfriend: a bag (I … Read morePCA part.2 for unlucky boyfriend/husband

PCA (Chapter One)

First Version of this article was published  on my Italian blog Between July and August, I could lead an optimization project for cutting cost for a UK company. This project could be based on PCA application. In this article and in the following, I will try to explain a fundamental concept. It is also very … Read morePCA (Chapter One)

Hypothesis Testing, easy explanation

The first time I have studied “Hypothesis testing” was when I enrolled “Probability and Statistics” with prof. Martinelli, during my master degree. In the beginning, I didn’t understand easily the topic, but in the following month, practicing and practicing, I became quite confident. In this post, I will try to explain the Hypothesis Testing, also … Read moreHypothesis Testing, easy explanation