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Hire Me To Boost Your Company Big Data and Analytics Potential

Why Hire A Data Scientist

I am Andrea Ciufo, a Freelance Data Scientist with a Strong Business Mindset and Focused on Results.

I am looking for a new job as Data Scientist, I am going to finish my contract job in Italy at the end of March.

One of my customers improved by 50% sales forecast, another identified most performing products on his e-commerce with more than 1M products.

I work with precision and professionality, both for small data filtering and visualization project as for more complex project where I use cutting-edge Machine Learning Techniques.

Through Analysis, filtering methods, data visualization and modeling I build value.

I use both Classic and Robust Statistical Techniques advanced Machine Learning Algorithms.

My Services in Details

I conduct rigorous analysis in Python:

  • Clean and Filter big data, using Padas
  • Analyze and Build predictive models on Sales using classic statistical methods and Modern Machine Learning Algorithms using ScikitLearn
  • I conduct query through Pandas and SQLAlchemy on large databases to hunt hidden insight and find new business opportunities
  • Identify Pattern and Trend inside a dataset and visualize through Matplotlib and Bokeh

My 4 Big Projects as Data Scientist

  • Founded in 2012 my startup Whheelab (here the Youtube Video). An integrated solution for potholes geolocalization based on Support Vector Machine algorithm. Wheelab was awarded in 2012 by Working Capital 2012(top 2,5% ), Finalist at European Intel Business Challenge 2013 (top 2% over 1000 European Projects). We received public acknowledge from the former Education Minister Maria Chiara Carrozza. Here you can find the code I wrote on C for the Arduino firmware
  • Build different Scripts for Google Adwords Campaign Performance Monitoring for a London digital agency
  • Improved Sales Forecast Accuracy by 50% using a Linear Regression Model for a London Retail Company
  • Analyzed more than 15.000 transactions for an e-commerce, afterward through Natural Language Processing algorithm I identified 10 best performing brands

If you want more information check my profile on LinkedIn.


Contact Me Now For Any Idea and Questions.

Happy to Answer and Help You.