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Git and Git Hub

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In the last job interview for a Data Scientist position a skill required was the version control knowledge.
A version control system is a changes management tool for software development, one of the most common is GIT.

I never used Git, as self-learner always coded and made my analysis on Notepad++ and then run my scripts through Windows Powershell.
I used Notepad++ as suggested in “Python The Hard Way

A new project on Git is called a repository, you can also host online a repository trough Git Hub.

The 16th of April 2016 I created my Git Hub account, without a clear idea of what a repository was.
A friends from MUG suggested to put here my projects and create a repository.
Here I created at least five repositories for five different projects in three different languages, whitout knowing how Git worked.

So after the first interview step I decided to take a more rigorous approach and I started “Introduction to Git for Data Science“.
The course explained the basics of Git:

  • What is a repository
  • How to create
  • How to commit new files
  • How to manage conflicts between different versions
  • Ecc

The course is based on DataCamp server, you don’t need to install Git on your PC.
I started applying what I learned on my projects, creating new repositories on my PC.

The next goal for the following days is to update all my repositories on Git Hub through Git Bash.

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