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Python Experience Updates and Forecast for 2021

When you are a self-taught Data Scientist is always hard to assess your progress.

You must set some metrics and start monitoring them.

In my case I decided to follow the 10.000 hours rule and track them with a Time Tracker.

I used the Pomodoro Technique App.

In the past week, I wanted to know where I was going and How fast.

Not only, at the beginning of December, I had a phone interview with Amazon.

Sadly, I didn’t get access to the next step, I already had a “No” from them at the beginning of July.

Obviously for me was not nice to be rejected, but it’s life.

It’s just a Time Stamp in a Time Series that we will call life

Based on that I decided to plot my progress and see how I was growing also compared to the rejection.

Furthermore, I wanted:

  • To forecast 2021 growth, just to beat the forecast I made
  • To automatize the monitoring process

All the plots that you will see here are realized with the open-source python library matplotlib.

The code at the moment is messy and ugly.

Cleaning it is really time-consuming and I have some small projects to close as soon as possible.

To draw this plots I used matplotlib in a Colab Script.

This way I can automatically update the plots every time I load fresh data from the Time Tracker.

Moreover I am not a huge Tableau supporter maybe in the following months I will try Kibana.

40% of my experience, today, is concentrated in 2020
Red Line: Expected Value – Dashed Light Blue Line: Best and Worst Scenario

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