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Quick April Updates

The smell of bread baking fills the house in this Sunday morning in London.

I am back to London, and I am starting my third month here.

Seems yesterday that I flew from Naples. Incredible!

A lot of things changed at supersonic speed. Me included.

Actually I am the lead Data Scientist for Lola’s Cupcakes, responsible for forecasting and inventory optimization.

Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth – Mike Tyson

COVID changed my initial plan and I had to adapt quickly to these new game rules, all the old routines changed.

I have been working long hours in the last weeks often sacrificing weekends because the company is changing and evolving to this new environment.

It’s not easy, but it’s a matter of survival.

Goals for the next months?

When I started my journey as a self-taught data scientist I set a goal that on average I always missed, due to my past jobs essentially: studying Python 3hours per day (Weekend included).

Changing my environment and getting a job that allows me to pay my bills and rent while improving my Python skills was the best way to achieve this goal.

Nice words, but without numbers this means nothing.

The dashed line is the ideal goal.

The continuing line is the time allocated and recorded with the Pomodoro technique for Python.

My first goal now is to fill this gap between what was planned and what I want to achieve.

One day I will explain what happened on the flat side of the curve, two-three main events:

  • Studying for the National Engineer Licence between the end of 2017 and the begin of 2018
  • Last summer season 2019 with my family business
  • Studying for the TOEFL examination

All important events of my life, but this doesn’t chage the output.

Remember this quote from Andrew Groove Book, “High Output Management”:

“Remember that by saying “yes”—to projects, a course of action, or whatever—you are implicitly saying “no” to something else.”

Andrew Groove, former Intel CEO

Obviously I had also a script where I forecasted when I could fill this gap and the probability associated.

Find Your Mentors

It’s an amazing journey, and fortunately, I am not walking alone. I am surrounded by amazing mentors and friends along this road. From Italy to Perù I am grateful to this incredible people.

Thanks to them I can listen to different points of view and have a critical perspective on what I am doing.

My learning curve is really skyrocketing and I am happy about it, definitely.

I am filling the gap and every day I am discovering new things.

What I have read and what I am Reding at the moment

Actually I am reading “Office of Cards”, a really interesting book about personal growth in the corporate world.
Really suggested.

Davide, the author, was also listed for the third year in a row in the Top 100 Influential People in Data-Driven Business (2018-2019-2020).

This year I also read a great book “The power of habit”, really really suggested!

How I am trying to stay on fit

Even if I am good, I decided to self isolate myself.

I am trying to excercice at least every two days for 30 minutes.

I am failing miserably, last week I have done just once. But give me another try!

April will be different.

About this blog

It’s not easy for me to write to this blog, because I prefer to write on the Italian one, but I will try to publish at least one article per month for the next following 12 months talking about data.

I have different arguments that I want to discuss here.

About the bread

I should improve, I had a big problem with the dough and all the bubbles popped! But taste was amazing!


ps Let me know if you see any mistake or typo

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