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Writing Blog Posts About My TOEFL Preparation

On the 13th of May I will take the TOEFL test, and I require a good score for a project that I am currently developing.

Without going into all of the details of how the TOEFL, and, in particular, the Independent Writing Section, is structured, I will publish at least one short post a day in order to practice.

These posts almost certainly won’t be data focused; instead, they will be focused on TOEFL topics.

I am going to use real exam questions to develop the following posts, therefore the structure of the posts (and writing time allocated) will follow the format of TOEFL Essays.

I will practice on various topics, choosing between two main areas.

The first area is the one which interests me the most, and about which I already have a fairly extensive knowledge; and the other area is related to the aspects of the writing which I find most perplexing.

Presumably setting this goal will improve my focus and will allow me to practise more efficiently.

The literature seems to disagree about the usefulness of “Declaring personal goals”.

Some research proves the benefit of “Declaring personals goals”, because you are declaring your objectives and your commitment to reach those objectives.

However, other research states that if you need to communicate your intentions to others to work harder and focus, you won’t work as hard.

This kind of weakness in declaring personals goals is probably true; nevertheless, I am not convinced.

On the other hand, overwhelmed by both my job and daily life, this is going to be a terrific boost for my learning curve.

It is  clear that these posts should be reviewed by an English teacher as a simple grammar check won’t be enough to get a good score.

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