A quick New Year Resolution

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Initially I didn’t plan to share my new year resolution, but yesterday a friend asked for my 2022 plans.

So I decided to write a very short blog post about the New Year Resolution.

First of all, I will not fully accomplish it, it’s a guide, a driver, because it will be literally impossible to fully achieve it.

Secondly, we must start the conversation from what I have done in 2021.

Some key points:

  • I started Distance Adoption and donating a small part of my salary to Action Aid and Emergency (around 4%)
  • I started working as Data Scientist in the Marketing and Analytics Industry with Collidascope
  • My Python Knowledge consolidated also this year, and I participated to my first Kaggle Competition
  • I read 10/12 books, with a high level of heterogeneity
  • I exercised with consistency to stay healthy and more productive
  • I tried dishes from all over the world from Asia, South America and Africa. I definitely love London for this!
  • Organised the 8th edition of the InnLab Alumni BBQ

2021 in numbers

The main goal for 2021 was to find a new job and increase my python expertise, both achieved.

These above are the hours allocated in 2021.

They are my time logs with Pomodoro technique app plotted through a python script that I wrote to simplify the End Of The Year Analysis and the New Year Resolution.

Working time logs with Collidascope are not reported and the blank ones are other personal stuff that I tried to track.

With “CosediCasa” I am tracking the time allocated for cleaning or going to the supermarket.

Funny enough, now going to groceries stores it is also an exercise where I study and observe how products are placed and promoted.

My Python cumulative growth for 2021 was the following:

As you can see I didn’t practice everyday, but only for 49% of the days (179/365)

And this is how appears from the beginning of my journey in 2017:

As I told you before, this year, thanks to my friends from “Equilibriprecari”, I had the opportunity to read very different book’s categories:

For sure “Mindful Listening” was the best reading for 2021, it is a collection of HBR articles on “How to listen”.

Definitely suggested.

Said that, what about the new year?

  • I think I can reach 4.300/4.500 hours of experience with Python, unreasonable to reach more
  • I will expand my Marketing knowledge, mainly through my daily job (“practice-practice-practice”, Sir Ales Ferguson), but also boosting it with important readings like “Eating The Big Fish” , “Super Forecasting” and “Divide et Impera”(this last one is only in Italian)
  • I will start in February a Pricing Strategy Optimization course from BCG on Coursera
  • I will continue to exercise also because on May I will participate to the Tough Mudder
  • I want to travel again for pleasure, my last trip was in December 2019 in Jordan (not so proud about that)

What I am going to read?

This is the 2022 list, also here It is impossible for me to read all, also because I need to take notes, write summaries and mind maps. Probably I will finish this list for 2023, let’s see!

  1. Data Science for Business
  2. High Output Management (I already read this one, but I want to read again with a friend and discuss based on our experience)
  3. Super Forecasting
  4. Niente di nuovo sul fronte di Rebibbia
  5. The Million Pound Bank Note
  6. Eating the Big Fish
  7. Overcrowded
  8. Start with Why
  9. Machine Learning Engineering
  10. Service Design
  11. Anna, Niccolo Ammaniti
  12. Grit
  13. A psychology book from my sister (I don’t remember the title)
  14. Soho: The Heart of Bohemian London
  15. Condivide et Impera
  16. The Book of Why
  17. Guns, Germs and Steel

Happy New Year!


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